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Colors displayed are meant to provide a representation of actual color. Color is affected by light and reflectivity and therefore cannot truly be matched electronically online. Colors displayed should not be substituted for color matching with actual glass samples. Please order a sample to ensure you are pleased with your Viracon selection before ordering glass for your project.

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Product Code Configuration Printing Argon Spandrel Transmittance Reflectance U-Value SC SHGC RHG LSG
Visible Solar UV Exterior Interior Solar Winter Summer

Viracon's solar and optical performance data is center of glass data based on the National Fenestration Rating Council measurement standards, calculated using Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's (LBNL) WINDOW 7 software.

Winter and Summer U-Values are the only performance values available for spandrel glazing. The U-Values for spandrel glazing are the same as the corresponding vision unit. The spandrel color does not impact U-Value.