Learn about Viracon's newest spacer - VTS™ - engineered to outperform

Insulating glass consists of two or more plies of glass enclosed by a spacer. Inherently, insulating architectural glass increases a window's thermal performance by reducing the heat gain or loss.

At Viracon, insulating glass units are sealed with a primary seal and a secondary seal of silicone. Insulating units are designed to absorb stress on the unit caused by thermal expansion and pressure, provide a barrier to water and moisture infiltration, provide a gas-tight seal to prevent loss of any specialty gas fill and create a barrier that reduces condensation.

Available Configurations

Viracon offers multiple configurations of insulating glass units.


When specifying insulating glass for your architecture/building project, it is important to select and clearly outline the configuration as well as each individual component of the insulating glass unit.

Insulating Components

In addition, Viracon offers many items to enhance the appearance and performance of insulating glass units for your building.